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Power station temperature sensor

1. Power station temperature sensors are used for temperature measurement of various parts of hydro-generators (such as upper guide bearing bush, thrust bearing bush, lower guide bearing bush, water guide bearing bush, cold/hot air, water, oil pipeline, stator temperature measurement).

2. We can customized according to customer requirements, using different more reasonable structural schemes for different occasions, and using high-quality chips. The laser welding technology is used to prevent the solder joints from loosening or falling off under strong vibration occasions, which effectively improves the stability of the measurement.

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  • Enclosed bus system temperature measurement
    Generally, the rated current of the stator of the motor is 10.59kA, the rated stator voltage is 15.75kV, and the outgoing line adopts a fully connected separated phase enclosed bus to directly connect to the main transformer.

  • Pipeline and auxiliary temperature sensor
    The sensor is dismantled without stopping to realize the rapid disassembly and assembly of the sensor. The temperature sensor of the double-tube structure is adopted at the measuring points of the air temperature, water pipeline and oil pipeline.

  • Boiler steam system temperature measurement
    Metal wall temperature measurement points generally include boiler water wall temperature, steam drum metal wall temperature, saturated steam extraction pipe wall temperature, drop pipe wall temperature, superheater pipe wall temperature, reheater pipe wall temperature, etc.

  • Boiler smoke and wind system temperature measurement
    The measurement points of the air temperature system generally include the air temperature of the secondary air box and the temperature of the hot primary air.

  • Steam turbine bimetallic thermometer
    The bimetal thermometer is suitable for measuring medium temperature and low temperature conditions, and can be used to directly measure the temperature of gas, liquid and steam. It is mainly divided into three types: axial type, radial type and universal type.

  • Steam turbine bearing quick connector temperature measurement
    Turbine oil return temperature and cooler oil temperature mainly use thermal resistance for signal transmission, bimetallic thermometer is displayed on the spot, it is recommended to use anti-vibration and anti-leakage structure to ensure the long-term stability of temperature measurement.

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